Aug 232013

I look pathetic, do you know why? Because I eat a lot, but then this is my weakness and I cannot turn my back to cupcakes and pizzas. So, there is only one way to solve the riddle, that I get some miracle pills and shed pounds faster. But, the hunt is not easy and sometimes it takes years to achieve what you want. Horrible! When I was about to lose hope, I got to know about Green Coffee Bean Thin. As claim by the manufacturers, this is a healthy and fastest fat burner. Let us find out, whether it is worth your money or not.

About the Supplement!

You might have heard about green coffee beans, right? But beware, not all supplements that claim to include the extract are real and can rob you (I also were trapped once). But with this healthy and certified formula, there are no confusion and no side effects. This is all healthy and will get you desired results (the way it gave me).

Green Coffee Bean Thin Ingredients

This is pretty much clear from the name itself that it contains Green Coffee Extract (Chlorogenic Acid). Apart from that there are some healthy antioxidants and minerals. All the ingredients are certified for purity and thus will get you safer and faster results.

How to Consume the Pills?

  • You need to take two pills in a day (and in one bottle there are 60 capsules)
  • Take one before breakfast and the other before mid-day meal
  • Do not exceed the amount or else it might harm your body and health

How Does Green Coffee Bean Thin Work?

The proprietary blend of raw coffee beans (800 mg) is enough to target fat and calorie gain. Chlorogenic Acid helps boost metabolism and fight fat storage in all body areas. Then it helps in fighting excess storage of fat and use the existing one as energy. This is not it, the supplement also assists in suppressing appetite.       

This was my Experience!

After taking it for three months, I can proudly announce that it actually works. If something can work for my obese body then it can definitely work for yours as well. Initially I used to exercise a little and eventually I stopped that as well, because I did not feel any need. After a month I lost three kilos and now I weigh nine kilos less.

Side Effects?

The supplement is all safe, just use this as directed.

Would I Recommend this?

Yes, as I find no reason to not do so.

Where to Buy?

Green Coffee Bean Thin can be bought from the official website. Visit the official website to know more about the special offers and trials

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Aug 232013

What is your weight loss idea? Are you really satisfied? Well if you’re… you haven’t been seeking = this review. If you ask me Green Coffee Bean Thin is something you need. Not being a professional but as friend I am recommending this to you because I have myself used this.

What is Supplement all about?

Green coffee is a clinically proven ingredient that can help you lose weight. The Green Coffee Bean Thin is formulated using this natural and active ingredient that in any way would not cheat you and your weight loss program. You just need to do general exercise and have healthy meal.


The active ingredient of this supplement is green coffee beans which has chlorogenic acid as the key complex. It also has gelatin as non active ingredient. Caffeine content in green coffee bean acts as powerful weapon against obesity. The blend helps you lose weight easily and faster.

How does it work?

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean acts as natural and potent antioxidant that fights against free radical damage and has been proven for several health benefits. This can help you lose weight and burn away body fat. Using this supplement strengthens your body and allows it to fight against diseases.

What are the benefits of using Green Coffee Bean Thin?

  • This will help you get slim and sexy figure
  • You can lose more than 10lbs in just a month
  • Even after you stop this program the effect of this supplement will stay for long time


  • You need to consume one capsule before your morning exercise or breakfast and one at mid afternoon with 8 ounces of water
  • To assess your tolerance start taking one half of the recommended dosage for first seven days

Is there any Side Effects of using this Supplement?

This supplement is said to be all safe but the caffeine and gelatin in this supplement will give you the same effect. You may feel drowsy and uncomfortable in earlier days of use.

side-0012Safety Measure:

  • Use only as directed
  • You are suggested to consult a doctor before using this supplement in case you are pregnant or having any serious medical condition (for better reasons don’t use)
  • If you find any negative changes to your health while using this supplement, you’re requested not to use further and seek for medical attention

Where to Buy?

You can buy this supplement only from the official website of Green Coffee Bean Thin and can claim your free trial worth $4.95.

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